Do you deliver only in Sydney?

That's correct! We currently deliver Sydney-wide only!

Do you offer Same-day delivery?

Yes, we do! Contact us, as there may be an additional cost that will incur for priority delivery as your order will be delivered and picked up separately from all orders using standard delivery. Costs will vary depending on delivery location. A residential address must be provided incase the courier driver is unable to deliver your order by closing time. If this is not provided and multiple attempts were made to obtain a residential address, we are unable to deliver on the same day and your order will be delivered the next day. Your additional delivery fee will be refunded. 

What time should I be expecting my Sugar Box order to be delivered?

For all residential orders, our sugar boxes are delivered by the end of the day on the date selected. Deliveries to commercial buildings, however, are delivered by 5pm on the date selected. Just so you can still have the dessert box delivered to the recipient before they finish work!

Am I able to specify a delivery timeframe?
You most definitely can, but there will be additional delivery costs for this priority delivery service. You would need to get in contact with us, so we can check what the additional cost is for you! (Costs vary depending on the location of the delivery)

When should I eat The Sugar Box?

Our donuts for our dessert boxes are made daily when ordered, so they're super fresh! Ideally, donuts should be eaten on the day of the delivery to enjoy the taste and quality of the donuts!

So... The recipient isn’t present, what happens next?

The courier will attempt to call the contact number that is provided on the order if the recipient is not present. If the recipient requests that their Sugar Box is to be left unattended, the courier will do so. The Sugar Box Co. will not hold any responsibility due to damages such as melted/infested products or for any losses as a result of having the recipient's Sugar Box left safely unattended. If the courier is unable to get in touch with the recipient, the Sugar Box will be left at the front or back door, only if they feel it is safe to do so!

If the courier is unable to leave the package, a re-delivery can occur for an additional fee.

Deliveries to units/flats, please be certain the recipient will be present to receive the Sugar Box! If the recipient is unavailable at the unit/flat, the Sugar Box will be returned to us. A re-delivery may be possible on the day at an additional fee.

What happens if you are unable to deliver to the address I provided?

As we have stated we only deliver to Sydney, you will be charged an administration fee of $10 to process the refund.

For all other refunds regarding location, an administration fee of $10 will be charged.

What happens if I request a refund with more than 48 hour notice?

An administration fee of $10 will be charged in order to process refunds within this timeframe.

What happens if the product arrived melted/infested?

We ensure all our products leave our shop perfect and we try our best to keep it that way! What happens after it has left our shop is beyond our control. All our products contain sugar and due to external factors such as weather, etc. We cannot predict how the product will be handled or stored. The Sugar Box Co. will unfortunately not hold any responsibility due to damages such as melted/infested products.

What happens if the address I provided you was incorrect?

Oh NO! We accept no responsibility for the mistake if an incorrect address was provided and we delivered your order as provided in your instructions.

If we are unable to deliver to the address, there is a possibility re-delivery of the order on the same day can be arranged at a charge of 50% of the original order cost in addition to the delivery charge.

If we are unable to re-deliver on the same day, you will need to purchase a new box and delivery.

How much does a re-delivery cost?

The re-delivery cost for the same day will be 50% of the original order cost in addition to the delivery charge.

Do you deliver on weekends?

We deliver from Monday to Saturday! To try our best to help you with gifts, we are able to deliver on Sundays but an additional charge will incur that will go directly to the courier company. 
Courier companies generally do not deliver on Sundays, which will result in a higher delivery fee.
Orders placed for Sunday will be delivered on Monday if the additional delivery fee is not made. 

Does it cost more for delivery when I order more than one box?

Each Sugar Box will incur a separate delivery fee of $3 per box if the box is delivered to the same location!

Will there be the same candies and chocolates in the desert boxes as shown in the product photo?

The selection of donuts made is subject to availability. The candies and chocolates in our boxes may vary slightly depending on our stock. We will however, try our best to make it as similar as possible!

Do your boxes have nuts or traces of nuts?!

All our products definitely contains nuts!!! Nuts are used in our products and we absolutely cannot guarantee that a product will not come in contact with nuts! To discuss any food allergies or food intolerances before an order is placed, please contact us at thesugarboxco@gmail.com

I'd like to make an order for tomorrow. When is the latest possible time I can order for next day delivery?

Orders must be made before 3pm the day prior to the next day delivery!  
Anytime after that cutoff time would incur an additional delivery cost for priority delivery as your order will be made separately from all the orders and picked up to be delivered by a separate courier. 

I'd love to order more than 10 boxes! Can I contact you directly?

Of course you can! We'd love to hear from you! Email us at thesugarboxco@gmail.com

Do you customise boxes?

We can only discuss customisation for orders over 10 boxes. Email us at: thesugarboxco@gmail.com

Can I make changes to my order?

Once you've finalised an order, you will need to email us to discuss potential changes: thesugarboxco@gmail.com

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept a range of payment methods! Our payment methods include ZipPay, American Express, Visa and Paypal!

Can I cancel my order?

Orders can only be cancelled 48 hours prior to the scheduled delivery date. We cannot cancel or refund orders that are already prepared, dispatched or in transit! Cancellation of order incurs a $50.00 administrative fee. The remaining amount after the cancellation fee is deducted will be refunded.
If cancellation notice is received with less than 48 hour notice, cancellation is void! Cancellations must be placed in email to thesugarboxco@gmail.com

What if I need to request a delivery time?

Due to our high volume of orders being shipped, this is not an option! All orders are delivered to commercial buildings by the end of the day on the date selected. All residential orders are delivered by the end of the day.

Is it possible I track my order?

It sure is possible! You will receive a tracking email on the day of your delivery. If you can't find it, have a look in your junk folder!