You can’t decide on the gift? How about donuts? Everybody LOVES donuts! mmm… donuts… (Homer voice)

Did you know the creators behind The Sugar Box Co. have been in the baking industry whipping up delicious cakes for 26 years? All our donuts are made daily, so they're super fresh!

Remember a time when you didn't have the time to go out to buy a gift or you’ve just remembered your anniversary is tomorrow? OH SH&%! At The Sugar Box Co., we’re here to save you from all the hell/ headaches when it comes to gifting!
Whether it’s for a graduation, angry girlfriend/ boyfriend (you know what we mean!), birthday, Valentine’s Day or anniversary, we got your back! 

Why not also express your appreciation to a colleague, friend or boss with a sugar box to say “I appreciate you” (Dj Khaled)

               The way to a man’s/woman’s heart is through his/her stomach.

All it takes is the click of a button to find your favourite mouth-watering box of goodies and you’ve got that special occasion coming up sorted! Doesn’t matter whether they’re a kid, dad, grandma, our gifts are full of goodness and is sure to get everybody excited! They’ll sure be pleased! 

Now… there’s no more time to be wasted, go sweeten up somebody’s day this instant! 

Send them that box of happiness and love!