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  • The Christmas Dessert Box
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The Christmas Dessert Box

  • $86.99

Looking for a Christmas gift to thank them for the year? Who doesn’t love chocolate and donuts with a dash of Christmas spirit! 

This tasty dessert box includes GIANT donuts beautifully decorated, two gingerbread Santas, one MASSIVE personalised Nutella-filled Syringe, Lindt chocolate balls and our signature Donut Worry, Be Happy card for your special personalised message. 


The selection of donuts as seen in the photo is only subject to availability. thesugarboxco.com.au reserves the right to substitute products and items when products or ingredients may not be available. Care is taken to ensure the final product is as similar to the requested item. All substitutions are of similar quality and value. Products contain traces of nuts.


  • Light-Up My Day Donut Bouquet
  • dessert boxes

Light-Up My Day Donut Bouquet

  • $109.95

How can you light-up their day? 

Surprise them with something different. Nobody would be expecting to see tasty donuts surrounded by beautiful lights when they open up a box! 

This dessert box includes: 

  • Nutella-filled Donut Bouquet 
  • Beautiful lights that will last for weeks! 
  • Our complimentary Donut Worry, Be Happy card with your special personalised message 

* Please note this product does not come with miniature alcohol bottles and a MASSIVE Nutella-filled Syringe as seen in product image. 

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