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The Chocolateholic Dessert Box

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Does he/she love chocolate?! Think no more! This dessert box is the one if you think he/she deserves the title, Chocolateholic!

This delicious dessert box comes with:

  • 2x chocolate donuts 
  • 1x Nutella-filled doughnut 
  • 1x Darrell Lea Rocklea Road 
  • 1x Nutella Jar
  • 1x MASSIVE Personalised Nutella-filled syringe
  • 1x Chocolate Marshmallow Stick 
  • 2x Chocolate packed Choc Chip Sandwiches
  • 4x Chocolate covered wafers  

Oh and just when you started to ask whether this box can get any chocolatier, we’ll fill up the box with more chocolate!  

All dessert boxes by The Sugar Box Co. includes a signature Donut Worry, Be Happy card for your special personalised message! 


The selection of donuts as seen in the photo is only subject to availability. reserves the right to substitute products and items when products or ingredients may not be available. Care is taken to ensure the final product is as similar to the requested item. All substitutions are of similar quality and value. Products contain traces of nuts.