• The Mega Stash - The Sugar Box Co.

The Mega Stash

YUM! Look at that stash! 

In this tasty stash, you will find:

  • 5x Nutella-filled donuts
  • 1x MASSIVE Nutella-filled syringe 
  • 1x 200ml bottle of Alcohol
  • 1x miniature alcohol 
  • 1x 250g Nutella jar
  • 3x miniature Nutella jars 
  • 2x Nutella spreadables 
  • Lindt chocolate balls/ Ferrero Rochers
  • Maltesers reserves the right to substitute products and items when products or ingredients may not be available. Care is taken to ensure the final product is as similar to the requested item. All substitutions are of similar quality and value. Products contain traces of nuts.

  • $152.99